Session 1

After Agreeing to join The Order of the Cleansing Flame, the party travels by boat to the northern land of Riverfoot. Upon arriving, they are escorted by Alexander to the Orders outpost in Saltend Landing.

After learning of the Curse and being briefed on their first missionby Captain Beatrix they meet Archbishop Wariner before departing with Alexander to the town of Whitmoor. Along the way, the carriage is ambushed by a group of attackers and Alexander suffers a great wound.

With some quick medical attention Argus is able to revive him after he and Lightning each give up a healing potion to help the old man allowing him to make his way back to town for more medical attention. Interrogating one of the attackers reveals no information as he appears to have gone insane and is unresponsive to any questioning. Upon inspecting the bodies you notice that each attacker seems to have had the pinky and ring finger of their left hands amputated and the wound sloppily sewn shut. You dont know what this means yet, but it appears to be a bad omen for things to come.

Continuing on foot you reach Whitmoor and discover the town abandoned, save for one resident, Rosaline. Rosaline, or Rosey for short explains that strange creatures have been coming in the night and abducting villagers. A few men went out to try to stop these creatures, but never returned. Now she is the only one left, but feels compelled to stay because of her gift. She has the ability to see glimpses of the future both near and far.

When Argus asks her to read his future she see’s a horrifying vision of him gutted open and strung up from a large black tree. The tree seeming to be alive as it moves unnaturally in the wind, and her father and missing younger brother Timothy lying dead at its base with a mysterious shadowy figure in the background. She reassures Argus that the vision may not be accurate, being that since lately she has seen the shadowy figure in most of her visions and it seems to be showing her disturbing things just to torment her.

The party agrees to go deeper into the swamps to find the source of the abductions and put a stop to it. They manage to make their way safely through the swamps natural hazards with the help of Rosalines navigation skills and make their way to a clearing.

Several Swamp Wraiths appear from the swirling mist and attack the party, but are quickly dispatched. Soon after an ominous voice seems to taunt the party as they make their way further north. eventually they come upon some old ruins and make their way to a massive courtyard containing some kind of ritualistic fountain with a large, seemingly living black tree in its center. Through an unnatural darkness, a figure resembling Rosalines missing brother, Timothy speaks briefly with his sister, before revealing itself to be a large deformed witch. The party battles and defeats the Swamp Hag and it warns the party that something evil is coming for them before dying.

The party uses the purifying gem given to them by Captain Beatrix at an alter causing the tree to die. Searching the chamber the party finds a simple brass ring on the remains of the hag.

Session 1

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